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Bathroom Renovations West Auckland

 Bathroom Renovations Experts In West Auckland

Looking to transform your dreary bathroom into a delightful and functional space? Perhaps you’re keen on replacing that outdated bath with a sleek custom glass shower. Look no further! Our team specialises in bathroom renovations in West Auckland, aimed at elevating your daily routine. From maximising space efficiency to ensuring top-notch waterproofing, heating, and ventilation solutions, we cater to all the distinct requirements of your bathroom renovation project.

Rest assured, we stand by the quality of our workmanship with a comprehensive 5-year warranty, and the products we install are backed by supplier warranties for added peace of mind.

Reach out today to explore design concepts for your upcoming renovation project. Let’s bring your vision to life!

Bathroom Cabinetry and Vanity Units

Revitalise your tired or lack-lustre bathroom with a simple yet impactful change by upgrading the cabinetry and vanity units. At Bathrooms In Auckland, we offer a diverse selection of vanities tailored to your preferences, available in various sizes, finishes, basin types, and drawer configurations. 

Choose from an assortment of wall-hung vanities, floor-standing vanities, compact space solutions, modular designs, and beyond. Additionally, we provide cabinets and side cabinets to accommodate your additional storage requirements seamlessly, all while maintaining the integrity of your bathroom’s existing design.

Shower Installation

Enhancing your bathroom’s appearance and utility is as simple as installing a new shower. Our extensive range of shower options caters to every taste and requirement. Choose from framed showers for a timeless appeal and robust build, or opt for frameless shower screens to impart a contemporary flair that creates an illusion of space within your bathroom.

For those seeking a blend of luxury and simplicity, our selection of frameless shower screens and custom glass showers deliver an unparalleled elegance with their clear, unobstructed views and effortless maintenance. Rest assured, our team specialises in the seamless installation of all these shower variants, ensuring your daily shower experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Beautiful Tapware, Fittings & Accessories

When it comes to choosing tapware and fittings, we prioritise durability, especially in coloured finishes. Low quality options may lose their appeal over time if their surface coatings wear off. For enduring satisfaction, we recommend selecting from our collection, which includes basin and shower mixers, shower outlets, bath mixers and spouts.

In addition to tapware, we offer a variety of products to complete your bathroom:

  • Baths: Choose from drop-in or freestanding options.
  • Disability Access is made easier with especially designed bathroom fittings.
  • Modern Toilet Suites
  • Heated Towel Rails: Assortment of styles and colours.
  • Accessories: Enhance your bathroom with shower shelves, towel shelves, robe hooks, paper holders, towel rings, and more.

Furthermore, we offer hot water cylinder installation services to ensure a consistent supply of hot water throughout your home.

Durable Tile Flooring

Tile flooring constitutes a substantial expense in bathroom renovations, primarily due to the elevated installation costs associated with waterproofing both the floor and walls to prevent water infiltration between tile joints. Our aim is to assist you in managing costs while attaining a stunning and practical tiled bathroom that aligns with your vision.

We employ standard-sized tiles and utilise epoxy grout for enhanced durability. This type of grout boasts superior resistance to moisture absorption and maintains its colour and appearance over time, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Project Management Of Subcontractors

Various tradespeople play essential roles in bathrooms West Auckland. To alleviate the burden of coordinating multiple contacts, we streamline the process by managing everything on your behalf. Our dedicated team of subcontractors collaborates seamlessly on all our projects. We take pride in their exemplary professionalism and unwavering commitment to delivering work of the highest standard. We firmly believe that a cohesive and skilled team is key to achieving outstanding results.

How Early Can We Renovate?

Bathroom renovations demand careful planning and execution, which necessitate a certain amount of time. For basic renovation projects, our goal is to complete them within approximately 3 weeks from the start date to finalisation. However, for more complex renovations that entail tasks such as space extensions, demolition, and new construction, we typically allocate a minimum of 4 weeks.

Contact Bathrooms In Auckland Today

The bathroom endures some of the most extreme conditions within your home, making it imperative to enlist the expertise of professionals to ensure the renovation meets its unique requirements. We prioritise the use of high-quality, supplier-warranted products and waterproof materials specifically engineered for durability in wet and humid environments.

Additionally, we pay careful attention to proper ventilation in the bathroom designs, aiming to mitigate the risk of moisture-related damage. When you entrust us with your West Auckland bathroom renovation projects, rest assured that we will deliver a beautiful and functional bathroom that withstands the rigours of daily use.

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