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Bathroom Renovations North Shore

 Bathroom Renovation Experts In North Shore

You might have heard tales of daunting and costly bathroom renovations on the North Shore. Stories of unreliable tradespeople and unfinished projects may have circulated. But if they haven’t experienced Bathrooms In Auckland, they’re missing out.

With us, bathroom renovations are straightforward, hassle-free, and budget-friendly.

Since 2013, we’ve established our reputation on trustworthiness, efficiency, and outstanding customer service. Our aim is to deliver exceptional bathroom renovations, ensuring your comfort, confidence, and satisfaction. Your happiness is our priority.

Explore our renovator’s package, and let us know if you’re interested in the same package or require customizations with different fittings. We’re attentive and ready to listen!

Professional Bathroom Design North Shore

We specialise in crafting bathroom renovation designs for homeowners and landlords seeking to elevate the ambiance of their space. Whether it involves adding new fittings, converting baths into showers, incorporating additional storage, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Thus far, we’ve revitalised numerous bathrooms, turning them into more practical and usable spaces. For a glimpse of the calibre and excellence of our work, feel free to explore our before & after page.

While we may not be the cheapest option, we also don’t claim to be the most extravagant. Instead, we prioritise on delivering quality bathrooms at reasonable prices. Our bathroom designs range from contemporary and modern to classic and traditional, always tailored to meet your daily needs.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, look no further. We have a skilled team of tradespeople that you can rely on here on the North Shore.

Major Bathroom Renovations for Century Old Properties

Contemplating renovating the bathrooms of a heritage home while preserving its character? Entrust the task to Bathrooms In Auckland. With our expertise in designing and constructing new bathrooms, we’ve successfully completed numerous projects in heritage homes and buildings, always mindful of preserving their heritage and character.

Whether you need extensions, new ceilings, tiles, fixtures, fittings, or any other elements, we’ll carry out the renovation, incorporating your preferences and sticking to the proposed budget. Our approach follows a clearly outlined, step-by-step process, ensuring we uphold our commitments.

Convert Small Bathrooms To A Big One

Considering converting small, rundown rooms into one magnificent open bathroom area but are unsure about the new design? Arrange a site visit with our director to discuss your ideas. We will provide a design layout and recommendations for suitable tiles, fixtures, and fittings. Problem-solving is our playground, and we excel at finding solutions to your concerns.

When you hire us, you’ll deal directly with our director, Jason. He is easily approachable, friendly, and flexible with your requirements. Our team will create a new bathroom design that ensures ample storage, efficient layouts, and modern fixtures and fittings. From the initial consultation to the final touches, we follow a step-by-step process to complete renovations with minimal disruptions to your busy family.

Got a Complex Re-Plumbing Work? Not a Problem!

As part of the bathroom renovation process with Bathrooms in Auckland, tasks include gib fixing, plastering and painting, waterproofing, and tiling, all in compliance with the NZ building code requirements.

For re plumbing work, typical tasks involve replacing old pipes to accommodate new fixtures like sinks, showers, baths, and toilets, installing new water supply lines, updating drainage systems, and ensuring proper venting.

Throughout the project, our team of tradespeople maintains transparent communication, punctual arrival, minimal disruption to your routine, and delivers top-notch workmanship.

Additionally, Bathrooms in Auckland offers a 24 hour emergency plumber Auckland service to promptly address any plumbing issues whenever required.

Clear Communication Every Step of the Way

Transparency is at the heart of our process. From your first contact with us, your satisfaction becomes our top priority. Our experienced team is committed to addressing any concerns you may have, offering comprehensive information and clear communication to ensure you know exactly what to anticipate.

During the renovation process, we offer regular updates, including what work is scheduled to ensure you are kept informed and engaged throughout. We maintain a fully hands-on approach, offering personalised customer service and expert project management to uphold consistently high standards.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Satisfaction

We understand that renovations can be intrusive, which is why we strive to complete our work with minimal disruption to your family’s routine. Our reliable and respectful team works efficiently to deliver exceptional results without compromising your comfort.

Proven Results and Happy Clients

Client satisfaction is paramount to us and integral to our work ethic. Our dedication to excellence has led many clients to consider further renovations with us. To see our commitment in action, browse through our before and after pictures on our website. We believe in delivering results, not just promises

Renovate Your Dream Bathroom without the Worry

At Bathrooms In Auckland, we transform your bathroom dreams into reality, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free journey. Our team of professionals are committed to delivering exceptional service from beginning to end, overseeing everything from initial design discussions to the finishing touches. We ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with NZ building regulations

Experience first hand how effortless and fulfilling a North Shore bathroom renovation by Bathrooms In Auckland can be.

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